Friday, September 18, 2009

A very good place to start

It seems that all the cool kids have blogs these days, but the cool kids also tend to lead cool lives, thereby generating interesting material for said blogs.

I lead a decidedly uncool, but deeply happy, life.

In an effort to make said happy life a little happier, I'm starting a new project.  Once a week, I bake a pie, sometimes from a recipe and sometimes freestyle.  Then, I tell you hooligans all about how it went (admittedly, this step will probably come after I take a brief sampling break... om nom nom).  It seems to me like it'd be fun to be the friend who always has pie on hand, and I'm in constant need of a creative outlet.  My hopes are that I can hone my piemaking skills, feed my favorite people, and gum up the series of tubes with some pastry goodness.

Let the pie blogging commence!

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